Thermal Imaging


Thermal imaging is a noninvasive diagnostic tool to quickly and accurately identify hot and cold spots without any discomfort to the animal. Thermal Imaging reads the surface temperature of an animal, which allows “hot or cold” spots to be located. This is a great way to find a specific injury site. The hot or cold spots may be noted before any actual symptoms of an injury may be seen.  See the examples below:


Example A - The image below shows an injury to the left cannon bone along with extreme blood flow to the left hoof. Notice the difference between the two legs.

Example B - The image below on the top shows an injury to the right shoulder and neck. Notice the bright white area. The image below on the bottom shows a zoomed in picture of the injury to the right shoulder and neck. 

Example C - The image below on the top shows multiple hot spots.  The image below on the bottom shows a zoomed in picture of the upper left forearm hot spot.

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